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~ A Pitch Challenge to Remember ~

Thank you to all the authors and author/illustrators who stopped by the Wonder of Words Blog and left your delightful pitches in the latest round of the Pitch it to Me Challenge. It has been great fun reading about your stories! If there is one thing I’ve (re)learned after narrowing down my choices and asking for the input of my lovely critique partners, it is that the task of picking manuscripts that fit an editor’s needs is HIGHLY subjective. We all had different favorites depending on our interests.

But now I’m getting off topic and into left field, so let’s get back to the point. The winner! Actually, there is more than one winner. I made the rules so I can change them. I would love to see manuscripts (and sample art, if you are an illustrator) from:

  • Dedra Davis
  • Sarah Rebecca Hovorka
  • Merrill Woodriff
  • Anita Crawford Clark
  • Abbi Lee

Check out the submissions guidelines at: https://www.gnomeroadpublishing.com/submissions and then send me your work! Easy-peasy!

The Little Gnome imprint will be opening to submissions January 1, 2021. If I didn’t pick your manuscript, or if there is another manuscript you think would be a good fit, please feel free to send it in after that time. And if you haven’t already, sign up for the Gnome Road Publishing newsletter to learn more about the people working behind the scenes and to stay informed of our happenings and wish list changes.

Many thanks to you all. Wishing our WONDERful readers a happy New Year ahead!

17 thoughts on “~ A Pitch Challenge to Remember ~”

  1. So exciting! Congratulations to the winners! I’ve had a chance to read work from most of the winners and they’re talented writers and wonderful people–amazing choices, Sandra!! And anyone who gets to work with Sandra is in for a treat! Good luck, all! ❤

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    1. Thanks for stopping by to take a look, Jolene! I can’t tell you how hard it is to pick from pitches when there is so much to like in all of them. You can see why I couldn’t choose just one!

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  2. I am thrilled and honored to have been selected among the many winners for this unique pitch opportunity. I congratulate all the winners and all those that participated. Gnome Road Publishing is going to be amazing. Thanks again for such a fun contest.

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  3. Questions about submissions.
    I noticed that you were looking for retellings of folktales, but what about a lesser-known fairytale?

    Also, I know that guidelines say one submission, so for those that write across multiple genres (and have one-shot), which genre might you suggest sending? (nonfiction, fairytale, and folktale, humor, etc.)


    1. Hi AnneMarie! I think a lesser-known fairytale sounds great. Send what you think is your best work and that might fit with the wishlist in general, but do not stress about it. There will also be another submission window later in the year, so if you send something in this first time and it isn’t a good fit, you can try again in the next window.


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