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Building Blocks to a great story

2021 screamed by like an out-of-control freight train. While it was a year of milestones met, achieving those milestones was a struggle.  I won’t blame COVID.  It gave me more writing time and more reading time.  A positive in a negative situation! 

The blog I am a member of, Wonder of Words, gave me the opportunity to share with readers not only my love of words but also my discoveries as I research for each new post. I love researching words as much as I love building those words into stories. The multitude of literary devices is endless, but I discovered all those devices can be divided into two categories.  Those being literary elements and literary techniques.

Literary elements include plot, setting, and theme, as well as other things.  Every great story will include a well-developed plot and characters that endear themselves to the reader, either because the reader loves them or hates them.  In addition to the plot and well-developed characters, a good writer engages the use of literary techniques that include words or phrases such as metaphors, similes, and alliteration. 

Creating a work of fiction using the multitude of literary techniques is by no means easy but the results can be rewarding.  Every story I write gives me a sense of personal satisfaction.

In an effort to drink in the various devices, I read a plethora of books this year.  Additionally, I diligently worked on my middle grade novel and am happy to report I finally have a first draft.  This did not happen overnight and certainly not by accident.  It was grueling at times.  So much so I wanted to give up and trash it. I must confess, some nights were filled with fitful sleep filled with nightmarish story lines that in the light of day had all but been forgotten.  But it eventually came together because of the encouragement of my fantastic critique partners, and fellow writers in my group coaching class, along with the  partnership I formed with Kathy Derrick and her crew at Pen2Paper. 

I included a word cloud I created with many of the literary devices I researched this year. To create your own word cloud, check out

If you are looking for more information on any of the literary devices, you can start by checking out  A google search will also give you a myriad of choices including, and

As 2021 winds down, I look forward to 2022.  It will overflow with an abundance of words fit together much like the pieces of a puzzle to create a story brought to life on from a blank page.  I look forward to the thrill I will feel the moment I sit back after having put that last puzzle piece in place, knowing my masterpiece is ready to share with the world.