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It’s been one of those summers. The kind where it feels like the kids just finished school yesterday, but then all of a sudden school has started once again. It is no wonder this next Pitch it to Me Challenge fell to the bottom of my “things to plan for” list. The result? A modified challenge I hope all you WONDERful readers will enjoy!

But first, let’s close out our last challenge where author Kourtney LaFavre dropped by to put up her pitch for the story, OLENA AND THE PEAR TREES, against my own pitch and that of super star author Jenna Grodzicki. Thank you to both ladies for participating! I am happy to report that Jenna dazzled our readers with her winning pitch as folllows:

“The people of Olena’s village are hungry. The pear trees, once carefully tended by her grandmother, are no longer bearing fruit. When Olena finds a lone pear hidden in the forest, it may be the key to saving the orchard. Guided by this mysterious pear and memories of her grandmother, Olena embarks on a journey to bring the orchard back to life and feed her village.”

Now, if you are looking for your own pitching challenge, this round I am inviting you to pitch one (and only one) of your own stories to me here in the comments section below. My favorite pitch will win a complimentary critique! It just so happens that my Little Gnome imprint at Gnome Road Publishing is open to submissions in September, so this would be a great opportunity to let me see what you’ve got. Bring on the pitches and let this fun twist of a challenge begin! You have until SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 to post – good luck!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

This isn’t me (as you can see), but I’m crossing my fingers for a fabulous challenge!

As for my very brief closing remarks, let me thank you all again for your votes in these challenges and for supporting our blog and featured authors! Until next time …

28 thoughts on “~ THE PITCH IT TO ME CHALLENGE ~”

  1. Once upon a time, a girl was weighed down by the dragon and pixie who dueled on her shoulders—and tired of getting charred. She wanted more sparkle and less chitter-chatter. She must learn to extinguish the dragon and listen to the pixie before all their bitter-batter gets her into more trouble.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

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    by: Maryna Doughty

    Diary is an expert at keeping secrets. And he’s ready to spill the beans so you can keep secrets just like him. But be careful. Diary lets it slip that he’s been keeping a secret from you, too!

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  3. A supernatural crime syndicate owns Cas, a teen with ghost-given power to foresee death, like his hitman BFF killing a thief. Cas can save the thief—but it means going against not only the syndicate but fate itself, & Cas has never been brave before.

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  4. A child imagines the bedtime routines of the grown-ups in her neighborhood. Does her teacher doze on a desk? Do the chefs curl up in cookie sheets? Take a spin around town as you wind down with this sleepy-time tale. WINDING DOWN AROUND THE TOWN is a 420-word picture book written for children 3–7 years of age who enjoy the career exploration of EVEN SUPERHEROES HAVE TO SLEEP and the imaginative romp of IF I BUILT A SCHOOL, but it weaves wordplay winks through every line and read-aloud rhythm to bring familiar professions to life.

    Thank you!

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  5. As an apprentice Wizard, Aloff is always stuck gathering ingredients, instead of casting spells. When he comes across an injured girl in the woods, he sees the chance to prove himself… until the spell goes awry. Forced to flee for help, Aloff must find a heap of humility, a pinch of apology, and a cup of courage to set things right.

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  6. Max thinks a real-life lava rock would make an epic souvenir. So when no one is looking, he snatches one from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, ignoring the Hawaiian legend which says that bad luck will befall those who take from the island. But, when unfortunate events begin to compound back home, Max will need to find a way to break PELE’S CURSE. This fictional story, with its theme of environmental stewardship, is based on true Hawaiian folklore.

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  7. BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT, a nature-based meditative journey guiding children through stormy seas, anxious moments, and times when jealousy rears its angry head, helping them steer to a calm, safe corner of their minds, breathing in comforting thoughts and blowing out their worries and fears.

    Thank you Sandra!

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  8. Cowleen is one of the contented cows on Folly Farm… until the day she wakes up on the wrong side of the stall. After an udderly awful day, COWLEEN CAN’T SLEEP. She tries counting sheep, adding alpacas and more, until she learns from Owlivia that sometimes a long talk with a feathered friend is the best mooove.

    Thanks, Sandra!

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    by Marta Cutler

    Claire is an unstoppable, irrepressible, incontestable wiggly worm. But after hearing, “STOP WIGGLING!” and, “SIT STILL!” over and over, Claire starts to worry: is her wonderful wiggle somehow wrong? Is she? Claire decides to find out. As she sets out to wrangle her wiggle, she discovers that staying true to yourself is the best answer of all. A charming, poignant story for every child who’s experienced self-doubt.

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  10. When Lion invites Flamingo to a portentous candlelight dinner, a knock at the door brings an unexpected surprise! ONE FLOOR UP (WC 202, Ages 4-8yrs.), a deliciously dark cautionary tale about a dastardly lion, a foolhardy flamingo, and an unintentional crocodile with bite!

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    Sheep #99 will do anything for a chance to leap over Sleepytime Fence and get her medal. But first she must keep Kate awake long enough to be counted—and outsmart Sam Ram, the gatekeeper.

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  12. “Are you looking for a pet? Well, look no further! With my feline style, flair, and exciting personality, I’m purrfect!” This narrator may flaunt their feline-aloofness but all they really want is a warm home with love and snuggles. Can they convince a potential family to pick them over those adorable dogs?

    Thank you for the opportunity!!

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  13. HELLO SNOW (500 words) – Convinced that Snow got lost last year, Dot and her stuffed animal, Chilly, send Snow a letter…and receive a reply! As months roll by, the letters fly, but Snow never shows. In the end, Dot and Chilly discover the unique fun all around them – and this fun doesn’t melt.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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  14. When Wisdom the Owl predicts changes in the weather through old parables, the young farm animals don’t always believe him. In the WEEK OF WONKY WEATHER, a fictional picture book with STEM components, Wisdom’s predictions become more dire with each new day. Will the animals heed Wisdom’s warnings by the end of the week, or will they put their lives in danger?

    Thank you, Sandra!

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  15. Puccini, a parakeet, feeling his talent is wasted on his owner Molly, escapes to find the perfect venue in NYC to showcase his voice. But the noises of the city drown out his singing and his hopes until Puccini spies the stage at the MET! There however, he discovers that the spotlight doesn’t always guarantee stardom and the love of Molly might just be superior to the lure of fame. Glossary + non-fiction back matter.

    Thank you for this opportunity, Sandra!

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    By Kelly Swemba

    Follow the moon’s path across the world as animals of different continents get tucked in tight, and flowers of that region close their petals, showing readers it’s time for bed in EVEN FLOWERS GO TO SLEEP.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

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  17. This wasn’t once upon a time, this was hip hop and happening right now and Punkerella was ready to rock…
    Will she perform at the Pop Princess’s party or will her Screeching Stepsisters smash her rock’n’roll dreams to smithereens!

    Thank you for this opportunity ❤️

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  18. THIS BOOK WILL BLAST OFF IN 10 SECONDS! Informational fiction; 762 words (300-fiction, 462-nonfiction sidebars); ages 5-8

    This book will blast off in 10 seconds! That’s right, we’re heading to S-P-A-C-E; SPACE! Take a romping, rollicking, out-of-this-world adventure, and learn the sights, sounds, and sensations of a real rocket launch. STEM components and back matter enrich this interactive text. Let the countdown begin!

    Thanks, Sandra!

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  19. At the beginning of this Halloween-themed picture book titled In the Witch’s House, the protagonist’s father insists she go with him to meet their new neighbors. Father and daughter are separated, propelling the young girl to discover how to face her fear. In the end, she is rewarded by learning something about herself and by making a new friend.

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    by Becky Walker
    435-word SEL PB

    A young girl sees opportunities to befriend a lonely classmate, protect a pal from bullies, and invite an elderly widow to join her family for dinner. But she doesn’t want to stand out. When she observes her FEARLESS SHADOW stepping up without a second thought, her confidence grows until she’s ready to listen to her inner voice and step into her own shadow.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

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  21. The rhyming, poetic text introduces young children to the concept of hibernation through six animals: the bear, bumblebee, frog, skunk, chipmunk, and groundhog.

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    By Melisa Wrex
    550 words PB (Humor)
    Age 5-8

    Chloe loves her game console, so when she offers it up as a 30-day prize to Mo, she doesn’t think he will actually beat her high score in Duck Duck Shoes. Now, Mo’s closing in on the winning fifth point with two minutes left on the clock, and all Chloe can do is watch. Who ends up with the console…Chloe? Mo? Or the wiliest player of them all?

    Thank you for this opportunity.

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  23. When boxes and bubble wrap replace Room and Elle’s Summer of Fun!, Room knows that this is nothing their best friendship can’t handle.

    Until Elle leaves . . . for good.

    ROOM (420 words) honors the importance of home, the depths of grief, and the power of new beginnings.

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  24. Fueled by stories of treasure, Finnie and Shay embark on a hunt of their own. Their moonlight quest doesn’t disappoint, but their growing bag of loot doesn’t go unnoticed. Soon the chase is on, and the fiends are fierce with threats of spells and plank-walks! It’ll take a bit of bartering to please both sides before sun-up when the assorted gang comes knocking. FINNIE AND SHAY, COLLECTORS would appeal to any past and future fans of the classic Going On a Bear Hunt and The Goonies. ARg!

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  25. Mystery in the Sandbox
    480 words
    Lyrical PB

    When Mom is sick, and you move from the city to Grandpa’s cabin in the country, and start pre-school all in one week, you find yourself wondering “Where do I belong.” Then a sandbox sculpture of a bear mysteriously appears in the school sandbox, and you look for clues ultimately solving the mystery of “Who done it?” and realizing that Grandpa’s home is exactly where you belong.

    Thank you for this opportunity and I wish you a beautiful Autumn.

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  26. Thank you all for participating in this fun PITCH IT TO ME CHALLENGE! Your pitches are all so WONDERful, making this a very hard decision. I can only pick one winner, but everyone is welcome to submit a story to Little Gnome this month. If you mention this challenge at the top of your query, I will send a personal response (which I can’t do for all submissions). And now, what you have been waiting for … the winner! That would be Maryna Doughty’s pitch for DIARY SHARES HOW TO KEEP A SECRET! To “collect” your trophy (critique), please send an email to me at: sandra@sdsutter.com.

    And okay, I can’t have just one prize. I will also extend Heather Morris a submission invitation for HELLO SNOW! That means you can submit this story and another to Little Gnome this month (we usually limit one submission per author each submission window). The submissions guidelines and email address are on the website (www.gnomeroadpublishing.com).

    Happy writing to all!

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    1. WOW!!! Sandra, what an honor and a special surprise! Thank you so very, very much!! There were so many sweet, interesting, whimsical pitches in this group – a huge congratulations to everyone for submitting. Big, big congratulations to Maryna – I loved DIARY! I look forward to submitting HELLO SNOW and another manuscript to Little Gnome very soon!!!!

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