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~ The Pitch it to Me Challenge ~

We are long overdue for a new Pitch it to Me Challenge and we welcome you all back for another exciting game. This time we have author Judy Shemtob stepping up to the plate with her picture book manuscript, COME BACK ZIEFER. Judy has quite a list of writing credits (which you can discover in her bio below), and a new women’s fiction novel due out later this year. We are excited to have her here and to support her writing journey!

Joining us for the challenge is author Candace Spizzirri, whose debut picture book, FISHING WITH GRANDPA AND SKYE (Spork), is set to release this April. (Candace also has a picture book in production with Gnome Road Publishing, but more on that at a later date!) We are thrilled she was up to the challenge and ready to take a swing as our guest star pitcher.

As a reminder, here is how it works:

Take a look at the three pitches in the voting box. They are in no particular order, so you’ll never know whose is whose (the author’s, mine, or our special guest-star pitcher). Vote for your favorite, and if you are so inclined, leave a comment, too. We love hearing from our readers!

You have until March 15, 2021, to cast your vote. Please vote only once, but feel free to tell your friends about us and get them in on the action.


A retired teacher with an M.Ed in Reading/Language, Judy belongs to SCBWI, Courage to Create, and 12×12, and studies writing at Sarah Lawrence’s Writing Institute and Scarsdale Library’s Writing Center. Her work has appeared in Raise Your Words, Writes & Bites, Heart.Soul.Pen, Writing Right Now, Writing the Everyday Now: A Collection, Arthritis Today, TheGoodBookCorner.com, BoomerCafe.com, SCBWI Metro/Westchester NY Blogs, the Jacob Burns Film Center Bread Project, Pause & Reflect Again, Scarsdale10583.com, Medium, and The Echoes: Remembering 9/11. Judy lives with her husband and son in Westchester County, NY and belongs to several critique groups. She loves to watch chickens and ducks hatch and photograph birds with their broods. She bakes and enjoys gardening and creates artwork made with her vegetables. Her own son’s stuffed bear disappeared on the last day of vacation. She did have to fly home without her son’s lovey, but fortunately the hotel manager located her son’s bear tumbling in the hotel’s sheets and towels and mailed the bear back in a large manilla envelope.

Connect with Judy here:

Facebook: @Judy Abelove Shemtob
Twitter: @JudyShemtob
Instagram: @judyshemtob
Website: www.judyshemtobauthor.com
PreOrder Information: Judy’s women’s fiction novel THE PEDDLER’S DAUGHTER will be published by TouchPoint Press in October 2022. A preorder link will be available a month before the book’s release date.


Candace Spizzirri grew up in a small town in New Jersey with tree-lined streets and old Victorian houses. As a child, she spent hours playing at the park, catching minnows in a nearby stream, and exploring the woods at the end of her street. Passionate about education, Candace is a co-founder of an elementary school and high school in Southern California where she now makes her home. She loves spending time with her husband, two grown children, daughter-in-law, and four grandkids.

Candace’s debut picture book, FISHING WITH GRANDPA AND SKYE, illustrated by Beverly Love Warren publishes with Clear Fork Publishing/Spork on April 19, 2022, followed by FINLEY: A MOOSE ON THE CABOOSE, illustrated by Chantelle & Burgen Thorne releasing Fall 2022 with Gnome Road Publishing.

Pre-order FISHING WITH GRANDPA AND SKYE by clicking on these links to Barnes & Noble, Amazon or Bookshop!

Connect with Candace here:

Author Website: candacespizzirri.com

Twitter at @CCSpizzirri1

Instagram at @CCSpizzirri

Facebook at @CandaceSpizzirri


Cheers and many thanks go to Judy and Candace for participating in this round of The Pitch it to Me Challenge. We appreciate your WONDERful contributions and support of the Kidlit community! Until next time . . .

4 thoughts on “~ The Pitch it to Me Challenge ~”

  1. I love that the reader can help locate the luvvie in Ziefer! All the pitches are pretty good, but if you’re looking to tighten them at all, consider leaving out the fact that Grammy made Ziefer. In my humble opinion, it’s enough that Zach’s favorite toy keeps going missing, regardless of who made it. And congrats to Candice on working with the amazing Thorne team as illustrators!! So cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can relate to Judy’s story about Ziefer. I remember a few of my kids’ stuffed animals, blankets, etc. “wandering” away! Finding one in the dark sounds like quite a task!
    Thanks for helping with the pitches, Candace. I’m so excited to read your two forthcoming books!


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