Pitch It to Me

~ Last Challenge, New Direction ~

Hello readers, and welcome back to our WONDERful blog! It’s time to share the results of our last Pitch it to Me Challenge. I know more than a few months have passed, so thanks for be patient with me. I’ll come back to the reasons for that and plans for future posts in a moment, but first let’s find out who won.

Fabulous author Judy Shemtob pitched her story, COME BACK ZIEFER, to guest star Candace Spizzirri and me to see what magical words we could spin. Each pitch had quite a few votes, but only one could take first place. Here is the winning pitch:

“Zach loves nothing more than the stuffed chicken Grammy made for him. But Ziefer often “wanders” and Zach must retrace his steps each time to find him. When there’s a power fail-ure in Grammy’s building, Zach thinks Ziefer may have wandered off for the last time. Only the reader can guess where Ziefer might be!”

Thank you to Judy and Candace for participating in the challenge. Although this pitch was mine, these ladies made me work extra hard to come up with the winning words. And now Judy has some WONDERful voter feedback to help with her query letters!

But wait, there’s more . . .

I am sorry to say that keeping up with the challenge has been – well – a challenge – these last few months. My work as a publisher takes up most of my time, and special projects like The Pitch it to Me Challenge don’t get the attention they deserve. After a lot of thought, I have decided to change the direction of my posts. I hope fans of the challenge will continue to tune in and support the blog and writing community as you have done in the past.

Going forward, I would still like to offer an interactive component to each post, most likely through an “Ask a Publisher” format or something of a similar nature. If you have a topic you want to know more about, share in the comments below and I will consider it for later posts.

Until next time . . .

Photo by Valery on Pexels.com

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